Decided Not To Sell Albums To Your Brides?

Let us do the selling for you!

Let Us Do The Selling/Designing/Printing/Delivering
And you get 20% of your bride's total orders.
All at no cost to you!

Introducing Our Photographer's Referral Rewards Program

If you decide not to sell albums to your brides, they will end up going elsewhere to get their albums done, and that could mean a cheesy, low-quality album - making your studio look bad.
Our Referral Program solves all that and gives you a reward!

Sign up by filling out the form below.

Receive a branded mini-website link from us.

Send the link to your current and past brides who haven't purchased albums.

After your bride completes a purchase, we will send you 20% of their purchase price!

Branded Mini-Website

We will create a branded mini-website where your brides can explore their album options.

Customized Pricing

YOU set the pricing for the albums based on your market segment.

Absolute Hands-Off

Send brides to your mini-website and we'll take care of the rest from there!

With 2 kids running around, Monique of "M Photography" just didn't have the time or energy to deal with albums for her clients. But she still loved photography, and didn't want her brides to resort to low-end consumer photo books. By signing up for our Rewards Program, Monique was able to send her clients to a source where she knows they will receive exceptional customer service and professional products. And she gets 20% from her client orders! Click here to see a sample branded mini-website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If your client decides to order one or more albums from us, you will receive a referral bonus of 20% of their total order amount, excluding shipping fees.
The referral mini-website that we create for you will have your studio information embedded into all links, ordering form, free-trial form, and contact form - so the bride will always be tracked to your studio.
You will receive the referral payment once the bride completes her album order. This is because during the design process, she may add or remove more pages from her album.
You get to set the retail pricing for our albums, because you know your clients best. Your retail price must be higher than our selling price. See FAQ #8.
Yes! We ship our albums outside the US. Here are some typical shipping fees: Canada ($65), UK ($80), Australia ($80)
We offer studio samples for 40% off their regular prices. The best way to see our albums is to order a studio sample to have in your studio.
As long as you have provided your bride with a set of full-size digital files, we will take care of everything else. We pride ourselves in having exceptional customer service, so you can be sure that we'll treat your clients with great care!
You can click here to view our pricing page.

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