An Introduction to Professional Wedding Albums

(Not every wedding album is the same!)

With so many consumer "photo book" products available, it is especially important to understand the differences between a "professional" album versus a consumer photo book. A professional wedding album is more than just something that holds your photos - it is a custom-designed book crafted to retell the memories of one the of the most important day of your life.

This article will summarize some of the defining attributes of a professional wedding album:

    Layflat Opening: Most professional wedding albums will open completely flat, allowing you to view the page spreads in their entirety. This also ensures that pages are not accidentally bent as one flips from page to page.
    Sturdy Binding: The binding is what holds the pages of an album together. Professional wedding albums have very secure binding designed to withstand daily use. Most consumer albums tend to have weaker binding which causes pages to fall out over time.
    Thick Pages: Professional albums have a substantial fee" attributed to their thicker pages and robust cover. Just like the sturdy binding, it is what allows professional wedding albums to be passed on from one generation to the next without damage.
    Photographic Prints: Many consumer photo books use "press printing" technology to print their pages. While this may look okay at a distance, a closer look will reveal that images and colors are not rendered their potential. Professional albums use either true photographic paper, or photo-quality printing, to produce their pages.
    Custom Made: One of the hallmarks of a professional wedding album is the the ability to custom design the album to your liking, from the size, to the design and cover material. Each album is truly unique and reflects your personal tastes.