Rounded Corner Wedding Album Design Style

(Give your albums a unique look!)

Our secret menu item: Rounded Corner Design Style

Ever tried a cheeseburger animal style and protein style at In-N-Out Burger? We here at Modern Album Designs have our own little secret menu item: The Rounded Corners Design Style!

It isn't publicly listed on our design samples page, but we announced it a few months ago and it seems to be quite a hit with those who are requesting for it. This design style is quite adaptable to different types of albums, from portraits to engagements, and even weddings!

Today, we look at a sample wedding album from Found Creative Studio utilizing this design style. (Thanks Jenny for graciously allowing us to share this!) As you can see below, the rounded corners provide just enough visual diversity to make the album unique. This "uniqueness" can come in handy if you are trying to set yourself apart during client meetings and bridal shows!

So, the next time you're looking for something snazzy and unique in your wedding album, try out our rounded corner design style!

(All Images Courtesy of Found Creative Studio)