Why Sell Only One Album?

(Maximize your profit!)

Maximize Profit with Two-Volume Wedding Album Sets

Albums provide a great profit margin for your business and you can further increase that profit margin by upgrading clients to larger sized albums and/or by adding pages/spreads. But have you tried offering the two-volume wedding album set?

Whoa! What is the two-volume wedding album set?
Most wedding coverage comprises of two general types of images: (1) candid, photojournalism moments and (2) posed, formal portraits. The two-volume wedding album set naturally separates these two elements. Volume one is the storytelling album, filled with candid moments; volume two will display all the beautiful formal portraits.

Benefits of the two-volume wedding album sets:

  • With so many must-have images for proper wedding coverage, most album designs get bogged down and cluttered with too many images. Yes, you can have too much of a good thing in one album. When you have two volumes, you have more pages to highlight your beautiful images.

  • Not only will the overall design look cleaner and less cluttered, the division of labor with two volumes makes perfectly logical sense as a storytelling solution for your high-end brides.

How do you sell the two-volume wedding album set?

Needless to say, the adage “show, don’t tell” applies here very well. It would be fruitless to ask of your clients to imagine the wonders of having their images logically and beautifully spanning two separate volumes. You will need actual sample albums to show your clients the possibilities.

You’ll need to price the two-volume wedding album set moderately (as opposed to exorbitantly). Consider your costs of goods (design fee + product) and price it so that your clients receive a good value for ordering your two-volume wedding album set.

Depending on your current album offerings, perhaps you can offer different types of albums for the two volumes. For example, a flush mount album for the candid volume and matted album for the portraits volume.

Finally, it’s no use trying to offer this product to clients if you don’t think it makes sense for your business and shooting style. But if you’re providing a great selection of both candid and posed images and can see the value in offering two beautiful, cohesive albums as a set instead of one heavy, crowded album? Give this creative solution a try and it can benefit both your business and your clients’ enjoyment of their wedding images for years to come!

Here’s a sample dialog on how to broach the topic and start the conversation:

You (The Photographer): Bride, I noticed you selected a lot of formal portraits for your wedding album….

Bride: Yeah, I just wanted to make sure we remember everyone who attended our wedding.

You: I definitely understand. It’s just that you also have a good number of artistic and documentary images. It might be a little bit disruptive to the album storyline if we squeezed in all the groups shots into the album design.

Bride: Really?

You: I do have a suggestion. Perhaps we can split your wedding images into two volumes, then you can have space for all your group shots and you’ll also have a nice volume for just the documentary images. Would you like to take a look at a sample I made for another wedding so you can see the benefits of having two volumes?

Bride: Sure!