Dual 5x7" Wooden Box with Mini Mats

Sometimes, images are meant to be showcased and treasured individually. Our dual 5x7" wooden box with mini-mats will do exactly that for your fine art images. It is a perfect product to accompany your boudoir, senior, baby, or family portraits. Each mat is sized 5x7" and holds a 2x3" photo print in different positions. Coupled with laser engraving of the lid, this will become a treasured keepsake for your clients.


Dual 5x7" Wooden Box with Mini-Mats

Our Dual 5x7" Wooden Box with Mini Slip-In Mats features two compartments, and are perfect for boudoir sessions, senior or baby sessions, and anything else that deserves to be showcased in a nice wooden package. Each 5x7" slip-in mat holds a 2x3" photo.

Each compartment interior dimension is approx. 5.25" x 7.25" x 1.75"
Comes with 20 5x7" mats (see mat configurations below)

(Custom sizing is available upon request. Contact us. )

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Production time is approximately 2 weeks. Image file for engraving will be requested separately once we process your order.

Our 5x7" mini-mats have an opening of 2x3". If you are installing prints on your own, you will need to size the image slightly larger than 2x3". This will give you enough room to slide the print into the mat.

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