Slip-In Matted Albums

Our slip-in matted folio albums are perfect for your portrait and wedding clients who want a collection of photographs in a simple and classic matted album. With a variety of linen and fabric covers, these album are quick to prepare - simply slip prints into the mat opening from above. Offer them along with your portrait sessions, or surprise your clients with their images already installed during their viewing session....they'll find it irresistible to purchase!

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Available Sizes:

6x8" Horizontal/Vertical (holds 4x6" prints)
7x9" Horizontal/Vertical (holds 5x7" prints)
9x9" Square (holds 7x7" or 5x7" prints)


Default 8 sides
Max 12 sides


Lustre Prints Optional
Front Imprinting Available

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Cover Materials

Cover options for the Slip-In Matted Albums include our durable linen and Japanese fabrics.

Imprinting Options

We offer different imprinting options. Traditional foil imprinting is available in 2 typefaces: Kennerly and Gill Sans Light. Foil colors include Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Black.

For our Antique Linen and Mint Linen materials, directly printing is available to imprint logos, names, and other designs.

Silver Kennerly Type
Silver Gill Sans Type
Black Gill Sans Type
Bronze Kennerly Type
Direct Printing
Direct Printing
Direct Printing

Available Sizes

Our slip-in matted albums are available in 3 sizes, each with a horizontal or vertical orientation to hold either horizontal or vertical prints. A 9x9" album is available to hold 7x7" square prints.

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6x8" Slip-In Matted Album

(Holds 4x6" prints) Starting at:
$70.00 $80.00

7x9" Slip-In Matted Album

(Holds 5x7" prints) Starting at:
$75.00 $85.00

9x9" Slip-In Matted Album

(Holds 5x7" or 7x7" prints) Starting at:
$90.00 $100.00