Custom Matted Folios

Our custom matted folios are perfect for your clients who prefer something more lightweight and less costly, but still want their images to be showcased. They are versatile to be displayed on a mantel, atop a desk, on a bookshelf - practically any location can benefit from its visual decor. They are also an ideal gift for parents and grandparents.

Our matted folios feature a "slip-in" design, so you or your clients can change out the photo prints at any time.


Available Sizes:

7x9" holding 5x7" prints (vertical & horizontal)
9x9" holding 7x7" prints
11x14" holding 8x10" prints (vertical & horizontal)

Paper Types:

Lustre (default)
Fine Art (upgrade)



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Cover Materials

Cover options for the Matted Folio includes our durable linen and Japanese fabrics.

Imprinting Options

We offer different imprinting options. Traditional foil imprinting is available in 2 typefaces: Kennerly and Gill Sans Light. Foil colors include Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Black.

Silver Kennerly Type
Silver Gill Sans Type
Black Gill Sans Type
Bronze Kennerly Type

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$45.00 $65.00

2-Panel 5x7" Vertical

Starting at:
$45.00 $65.00

2-Panel 7x7" Square

Starting at:
$50.00 $70.00
$65.00 $85.00

3-Panel 5x7" Vertical

Starting at:
$65.00 $85.00

3-Panel 7x7" Square

Starting at:
$70.00 $90.00
$85.00 $105.00

2-Panel 8x10" Vertical

Starting at:
$85.00 $105.00

Studio Sample Pack

Start offering matted folios in your studio with this amazing offer!

Choose 3 different 5x7" or 7x7" matted folio configurations and save up 40% off the entire purchase.
Printing is included, ready to be showcased in your studio!

(Limit one sample pack per studio. We will email you for configurations and files after your purchase.)

Show-n-Sell: Sell Matted Folios Easily

Imagine if your clients can see exactly what their images will look like on our matted folios? Imagine if they can drag and drop different images themselves to configure their own folios? This, and more, are all possible with our free Show-n-Sell online software. Try it out today!

Print Installation

If you ordered a matted folio without prints, you will need to slip in the prints yourself. There is a wide "slit" at the top of our mats where you can slip your print in. At the bottom of the mat, there is a smaller slit which you can "lift" to help guide the print in as it nears the bottom of the mat.

  • Do not untie the hemp string if you plan to present it to a client. Just slip the folio in and out of the packaging.

  • SLOWLY slide your print into the mat. Do not force it. The bottom portion of the mat can be lifted slightly to aid the print into the bottom mat.