Modern Album Designs serves professional photographers to offer them
custom album design, wedding albums, wedding post-processing and retouching services.

Wedding album designs are our speciality - all our layouts are designed from scratch by our wedding album designers who are experienced in creating storytelling designs with your best images. This is the reason why so many talented photographers come to Modern Album Designs. There are no limits to the design styles that we can achieve. You can let us know exactly what you like, or we can emulate an existing design style for you.

STEP 1: Choose your base design style.....
Start your custom wedding album design with one of our base design styles:


This is our most popular design style where images are presented in clean layouts. With no extraneous distractions, the images themselves tell the story. Backgrounds are in either white or black, and a thin border may be added to the photos. No tilts. No fades. For the strongest dramatic effect, we recommend no more than 2 images per side on average.

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Building upon the Clean & Modern style from above, the backdrops style adds background images to enhance the layout. The backgrounds may be semi-opaque, or gradient-faded. Depending on client preferences, the backdrops may be used sparingly or frequently in the design.

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This style of design draws upon the colors appearing in your client's wedding and utilizes them as either background colors, frames, or other supporting elements. It also mixes in a combination of the clean & modern, and backdrops style to tie the overall design together.

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STEP 2: Choose optional add-on enhancements...
Next, for those wanting more to their wedding album designs, choose one or more of our optional add-on enhancements:

Embellishments are like sprinkles for an album design. They add flavor to the basic design without being overwhelming. It can be subtle or generous. We offer a variety of embellishment styles, ranging from classic to fun swirls.
Classic Swirls Classic
Floral Ribbons Swirls
Boutique borders can change dull images into dramatic design elements. From subtle fades to more prominent sloppy borders or page torn effects, a border effect can really spice up your abum design.
Sloppy Border Torn Page Cross Fade
Rounded Corners Cross Fade Photo Frames
Backgrounds and texture effects are another way to give a dramatic effect to designs. These are popular with senior designs, but can also be appropriate for weddings and family album designs as well.
Floral Antique Distressed
Damask Grunge Antique
Modern Grunge Modern
Words can often add significant meaning to designs, whether they are wedding vows, lyrics from a song, or any other appropriate text. With our typography add-on, the text becomes part of the design. Please note that additional charges apply for typography add-ons.
Name Plate Lyrics Lyrics
Lyrics Vows Vows
Other examples....
Here are more examples of complete wedding album designs utilizing various design styles and enhancements: