How to Choose Images for Your Wedding Album

(Hint: More does not mean better!)

Are you left with over 1,000 images from your wedding and have no idea how to select the right ones for your album? Fear not, read our handy tips below for some guidance.

More does not equal better
- As much as you love your images, you probably shouldn't try to squeeze every one of them into your album. For a nice clean and elegant design, we suggest no more than 2 to 3 images per page (side). Thus, a 30-sided album will hold approximately 90 to 100 images. If you want to include more images, consider upgrading your album to have more sides.

Pages vs. Dimension of a Wedding Album
- Adding more pages (sides) to an album will allow you to include more images in your album. Upgrading to a larger dimension will give you a "bigger" album and make your images more impactful, but it does not necessarily mean that you can squeeze in more images.

How many family / friend / group photos to include?
- Your wedding album layout should tell a story of your wedding day. As such, it should feature primarily photojournalistic images that help with the flow of the story. Static, posed group shots often cause "breaks" in the storyline; thus, we recommend keeping posed group shots to a minimal.

Color? Black & White? Sepia?
- You may have several variations of a favorite image in different tones (e.g. color, B&W, sepia), but can't decide which one to submit to us. Fear not....just submit all the variations to us and let our designers choose. It's usually during the design process that we can "play" with the variations to choose the most fitting one for the design.

I just don't have the time to go through all my images!
- In this scenario, we would suggest that you submit all the images to us and let us come up with an initial design. But, you should at least come up with a set of "must-have" images, which usually includes the family/group shots.